Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Time for parents to write an OPT OUT letter to protect their child

As families start thinking about heading back to school, parents should TAKE ACTION NOW and submit a written "Opt Out" statement to your school district so your child is not subjected to the moral depravity that Planned Parenthood has foisted upon the school districts of our state.  Even though Planned Parenthood was capable of strong-arming their extreme Sex Ed bill (Assembly Bill 45) through our State Legislature earlier this year, school districts are NOT mandated to offer Sex Ed.

A simple written statement such as the following should be put on file now with your school district to protect your kids.  If there ends up being a library full of kids working on alternative projects, so be it.  It will send a message that the parents of your community are informed and will not allow Madison liberals with an agenda to tread on parental rights.

"Dear Superintendant,

Under Chapter 118.019(4), Wisconsin Statutes, I would like to opt my child, _______________________, out of sex ed instruction.  We are very offended by Planned Parenthood’s extreme agenda for Wisconsin’s minor children brought about by the passage of Assembly Bill 458.

I expect the _________ School District to fully respect and comply with my rights as a Parent in Not instructing my children to break the laws of the State of Wisconsin relating to underage sexual activity.


Name:  _____________________

118.019(4) – Parental Opt Out Statute
(4) Exemption for individual pupils.  No pupil may be required to take instruction in human growth and development or in the specific subjects under subs. (2) and (2r) if the pupil's parent or guardian files with the teacher or school principal a written request that the pupil be exempted.