Thursday, April 21, 2011

Attorneys Needed for Recount Observation and Advocacy

From National Eagle Forum News & Notes:


On April 20, Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser's opponent, JoAnne Kloppenburg, announced that she will seek a costly statewide recount despite the fact that she trails by an insurmountable 7,316 votes. Attorneys willing to volunteer their time to act as observers and advocates for Justice David Prosser at recount sites throughout Wisconsin should contact Andy Cook at 608-219-4632 or Recount could start as early as April 26.

DPI "Sex Survey" to be administered in West Bend School District

Parents in the West Bend School District (WBSD) were sent a letter advising them of the "Youth Risk Behavior Survey" that was to be administered to "selected" students.  The letter does not indicate the date the survey would be administered.  The letter does not state where the survey could be accessed and viewed.  Parents have been asked to make a decision about their child's participation in the survey based on the District's assurance in the letter that the survey would cause "little to no harm" to their child.  Students are considered "opted in" unless "opted out" as the District chose the "passive parental permission" form.

Parents would only be able to have access to the survey by going in to the West Bend High School office on their own time and requesting to view it.  The 2009 version could be found on the DPI (Department of Public Instruction) website.  The District has since posted the 2011 survey for both middle and high schools on the WBSD website.

The survey crosses personal and parental boundaries with questions that want to know:

If your child is bisexual, homosexual, heterosexual or "not sure." (on high school survey).
If your child has sex with males or females, or males and females.
If your child uses contraception when they have sex.
How many people your child has had sex with.
If your child drank or did drugs before having sex.

The survey explains that a child could become so depressed about the future that they may consider suicide, and goes on to query:

If your child has seriously attempted suicide.
If your child has made a plan to attempt suicide.
How many times your child attempted suicide in the past.

The survey is extensive and should be viewed by all parents throughout the state of Wisconsin whose children attend public schools.  Taxpayers have a vested interested in the administration of this survey, which is taken during classroom time, according to the parent letter.  The WB East High School principal has stated it will take a total of two hours for the classroom teacher to give this survey to students.

The middle school version can be found HERE.

The high school version can be found HERE.

Contact info for West Bend School Board Members is as follows:

Bart Williams
Todd Miller
Kris Beaver
Dave Weigand
Randy Marquardt
Tim Stepanski
Rick Parks

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sensenbrenner Town Hall Meetings *KEWASKUM, JACKSON* TOMORROW

Topic: General
Official: Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI 5th) 
When: 04/20/2011
Starts: 09:00 AM
Where: Kewaskum Village Hall 
204 First Street 
Kewaskum, WI 53040 

Topic: General
Official: Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI 5th) 
When: 04/20/2011
Starts: 10:45 AM
Where: Jackson Village Hall 
N168 W20733 Main Street 
Jackson, WI 53037 

April 2011 Phyllis Schlafly Report Available On Line

Contrary to Obama's political rhetoric, more taxpayer spending to send more students to college will not reduce unemployment or improve the economy. It's just Obama's way of finagling the unemployment statistics by listing young people as students instead of as unemployed.

A report by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland confirmed that when it comes to long-term unemployment, the length of unemployment is unrelated to education level. Although employment is higher for people with more years of education, the duration of unemployment is the same for all education levels.

A new phrase is now commonly included in job ads for all kinds of positions: "must be currently employed." Charts from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show remarkably parallel lines for the duration of unemployment of Americans age 25 and older who have less than a high school diploma, only a high school diploma, some college, or a college degree.

The Obama Administration continues to propagate the falsehood that solving the unemployment problem requires "more investments in education." Investment is a favorite liberal code word for more spending and higher taxes.
As globalization spread and was touted by the elites as the wave of the future, conventional wisdom was that only blue-collar manufacturing jobs would be sent overseas while college grads were safe. That assumption is now obsolete, as computers and telecommunications have made it possible to offshore the jobs of college-educated employees.

Read more HERE.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sensenbrenner Town Hall Meeting *CEDARBURG* TOMORROW

Official: Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner 
(R-WI 5th) 

When: 04/19/2011
Starts: 07:00 PM
Where: Cedarburg Police Department 
W75 N444 Wauwatosa Road 
Cedarburg, WI 53012 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eagle Forum of Wisconsin's New Vice President

From Dottie Feder, President of Eagle Forum of Wisconsin:

I am delighted to introduce Janet Spiewak, Wisconsin's new Eagle Forum Vice President; Janet's commitment and credentials are an asset and answer to prayer for our state organization.  Janet has degrees in English, Professional Writing and History from Mount Mary College, and has worked on numerous political campaigns. 
Phyllis Schlafly's  comment says it best, "Welcome aboard, Janet.  We need you.  Wisconsin has moved to front and center in the national debate, so let's keep winning!  Phyllis"
Eagle Forum of Wisconsin has a great team and I look forward to our future endeavors.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Watch LIVE streaming of Kloppenburg Review of Waukesha County Canvasshere...

Watch the LIVE stream of the Waukesha County canvass HERE.

See current totals HERE via Randy Melchert.

Friday, April 8, 2011

SCHLAFLY: What Students Learn and Don't Learn

From Phyllis Schafly of Eagle Forum:

If you are attending college to get teacher certification, you will probably be required to attend classes on "multicultural education." This is supposed to bring diversity to the classroom and prepare teachers to teach pupils of various ethnic or national backgrounds.

The textbooks in these courses typically include Teachers as Cultural Workers by Paulo Freire, a Brazilian socialist who preached that society is divided into oppressors and oppressed. Other required readings teach that Americans are an institutionally racist society and are designed to train teachers to create political radicals to promote "progressive" social change.

The monthly journal Education Reporter published an informative expose by a teacher who attended a conference on training teachers how to teach students what is called "social justice," a code word for a specific type of teaching that is contrary to traditional American notions of justice based on individual rights. "Social justice" teaches children that America is an unjust and oppressive society that should be changed.

Social justice materials typically include far left proposals such as acceptance of homosexuality, alternate lifestyles, radical feminism, abortion, illegal immigration, cultural relativism, and the redistribution of wealth.
Social justice is often promoted through what is called "student-directed learning" because students are supposed to "construct" their own knowledge. These words put a new spin on what was previously called "unguided learning" or "minimal guidance learning."

Common sense and hundreds of years of education tell us that anyone first needs a base of knowledge in order to know what to look for when conducting research and doing problem-solving. Instead of teaching students American history and what's great about our country, liberal policy is to have 12-and-13-year-olds "brainstorm" topics they want to talk about, which typically include marijuana, gun violence, Afghanistan, poverty, and youth culture.
More and more universities are telling incoming freshmen to read a book over the summer. One college says the purpose is to promote "a shared intellectual experience" and "campus-wide dialogue"; another college says its summer reading program "is an important first step in building a cohesive, dynamic, educational community."
However, the National Association of Scholars (NAS) issued a report called "What Do Colleges Want Students to Read Outside of Class?" that lists the books recommended by 290 colleges. These scholars found that the books are more suited to Oprah's Book Club than universities, and "rather than asking students to rise to college-level study, they shrink college-level study to the comfort zone of the average student."

The book selections are usually "short" and "emotional" and offer "little if any intellectual substance." The most popular book in 2010 was "This I Believe," a collection of essays on personal philosophies gathered by National Public Radio. The second most assigned book was "Enrique's Journey," the story of an illegal immigrant boy's trip from Honduras to the United States.

The NAS found that 70 percent of the books "promote a liberal political agenda or advance a liberal interpretation of events," and not one of the books advocated conservative political ideas. Only three books represented traditional values, and those were selected by religious colleges.

The most popular topics were multiculturalism, immigration and racism; after that came environmentalism, animal rights and food issues. On the whole, the books presented what the NAS report called "a distinctly disaffected view of American society and Western civilization."
These summer reading lists included no works of classical antiquity, Shakespeare, or any Renaissance writers. Three colleges ditched book assignments altogether and told students to watch a DVD instead.

A new study reports the dismal finding that 45 percent of college students show no significant improvement in the key measures of critical thinking, complex reasoning, and writing by the end of their sophomore year. During their prior semester, half the students did not take a single course that required 20 pages of writing, and a third did not take a single course requiring so much as 20 pages of reading per week.

Those findings are set forth in a new book, "Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses" by sociologists Richard Arum of New York University and Josipa Roksa of the University of Virginia. They surveyed a representative sample of 24 schools.

Ohio University economist Richard Vetter reported that a majority of the increased number of college graduates are working jobs that historically have been filled by persons with less education. Over 300,000 bartenders have college degrees, and college is not an essential qualification for those jobs.

The Obama Administration claims we must graduate more college students in order to stay globally competitive, but there's no evidence this is true. If students didn't learn much in the first two years, why should we go into more debt to keep them in college more years?

Thursday, April 7, 2011


News & NotesEagle Forum
April 8, 2011
EAGLE FORUM COLLEGIANS SUMMIT DATE CHANGE! NEW DATE: JUNE 2 & 3. Great news for conservative college students!! The wait for the nation's best conservative student conference just got shorter! Please note that Eagle Forum Collegians, originally scheduled for July 21st & 22nd, will now be held June 2nd & 3rd, 2011. Time is short, so make sure you get the word out about this conference! Register here.
CAROLEE ADAMS FEATURED AT MIDDLESEX COUNTY REPUBLICAN WOMEN'S CLUB. President of NJ Eagle Forum Carolee Adams is a successful grassroots activist and popular TEA Party speaker who discussed the topic The Most Powerful Office in the World is NOT the President of the United States. When Carolee walked in the door, one attendee exclaimed that the brochure The Most Powerful Office: "changed my life!" (Both she and her husband are now County Committee members.) At the meeting, Carolee recruited one of the leaders of the Young Republicans in New Jersey to take Eagle Forum Collegians brochures to their upcoming, 3-day, statewide convention. She gave a copy of The Flipside of Feminism to an attendee who will discuss the book at her next book club meeting. The final prize Carolee gave out was the DVD, Doing the Impossible, which was awarded to a woman who promised to run for County Committee or seek an appointment to an open seat.

FRONT PAGE, WEST BEND DAILY NEWS: CANDIDATE FORUM SPONSORED BY EAGLE FORUM OF WISCONSIN - WASHINGTON COUNTY. A great way for Eagle Forum Chapters to engage the public is by sponsoring candidate forums. About 125 area residents attended a forum organized by Ginny Maziarka in the gym at Richfield Elementary School to hear candidates for the Richfield Trustee Board. The forum is viewable at

PRO-LIFE VICTORY IN IL; DOCTORS' FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE IS PROTECTED BY U.S. CONSTITUTION. Eagle Forum endorsed Ed Martin for his congressional run in 2010, but long before that, nearly six years ago, he joined with fellow pro-lifers Luke Vander Bleek and Glenn Kosirog in their fight against the Planned Parenthood-managed Blagojevich administration effort to force citizens to act against their conscience and join in the abortion industry. Ed Martin served as lead attorney. "No matter how often Planned Parenthood and its bullies try to take away the rights of pro-lifers, we will fight back and we will win. Our Constitution protects individuals' rights from the growing and oppressive hand of government in our lives especially when government goes too far as today's court found Blagojevich did," said Ed Martin in response to the ruling in Illinois Circuit Court striking down a Rod Blagojevich-era law that hoped to force pro-life medical professionals to leave the profession unless they acted in accordance with Planned Parenthood drafted rules. Click here to read the court's decision.

VICTORY FOR SCHOOL CHOICE: SUPREME COURT REJECTS LAWSUIT CHALLENGING ARIZONA SCHOOL CHOICE STATUE. The U.S. Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Arizona statute that provides state residents with tax credits for contributions they make to school tuition organizations. The 5-4 decision provides a road for other states to enact similar legislation. The court ruled that the program's challengers lacked a basis to sue because the program does not take money from taxpayers for government expenditures. Private citizens are free to support any organization they choose, including school tuition organizations. Any injury that the challengers may suffer is not the result of action by the government. 4-11-11,

Colorado Eagle Forum leaders Jayne Schindler and Rosina Kovar were major players in the defeat of Civil Unions in Colorado's Statehouse again this year. Senate Bill 172 passed the Senate, but was narrowly defeated on a party-line vote in a House committee of 6 to 5. Both Jayne and Rosina gave testimony at the Senate and House hearings. Jayne testified on how the passage of Civil Unions would bully parents with the law if they objected to school Sex-Ed classes differentiating between heterosexual and homosexual sex acts. Rosina's testimony received many jeers and laughter as she explained God's design for sexuality and the inability of homosexual relationships to reproduce. The bill's main Senate sponsor, who is openly gay, had his domestic partner testify that Civil Unions would help them in their plight to adopt a child. "Fortunately," reports Jayne, "the emotional rancor from the numerous supporters of the bill left the Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee unmoved when they voted to retain the Colorado Constitutional Amendment from 2006 defining marriage as between one man and one woman, which was determined by a vote of the people!"

LISTEN TO EAGLE FORUM LIVE. Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 12 noon (CST) on 40 stations across the country. Also accessible on the Internet: at Bott Radio Network. This week, Phyllis Schlafly will ask Craig Brandon Is College Just A Five-Year Party?
by F.R. Duplantier 
"We are in your schools now and polluting
All the innocent minds we're rebooting:
There'll be total immersion
In every perversion
And the schools will be safe for recruiting."

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Washington County Election Results

City of West Bend Mayor
>Kraig Sadownikow5,36668%
 Kristine Deiss (I)2,54232%
City of West Bend Alderman #2
>Steve Hutchins (I)51461%
 Dave Krochalk32939%
City of West Bend Alderman #4
>Randy Koehler61351%
 Nick Dobberstein (I)58949%
Germantown Village Trustee #1
 David Baum (I)1,06265%
>Bill Steitz57635%
Germantown Village Trustee #3
>Mel Ewert70053%
 Tom Barney62547%
Germantown Village Trustee #4
>Jeff Hughes (I)88174%
 Wyatt Wiehr31026%
Jackson Village President
>Wendy Kannenberg97456%
 Scott Mittelsteadt (I)75644%
Jackson Village Trustee
>Brian Emmrich99929%
>Mike Schwab84324%
>Donald Olson81824%
 David Roskopf (I)78823%
Kewaskum Village President
>Andy Pesch (I)56255%
 Craig Garbisch45245%
Richfield Village Trustee
>Sandy Voss2,07729%
>Rock Brandner (I)1,76525%
 Bill Collins (I)1,68824%
 Reid Snedaker1,58522%
Slinger Village Trustee
>Rick Gundrum (I)73727%
>Richard Kohl60923%
>Dean Otte59322%
 Eugene Mueller (I)42716%
 Dave Malecha (I)33112%
Erin Town Chairman
>Dennis Kenealy (I)77556%
 Patrick Landon60644%
Erin Town Supervisor
>Daniel Coffey (I)90843%
>Dean Schober76937%
 Gene Eggert (I)41920%
Hartford Town Supervisor #1
>Larry Baugniet Sr.58753%
 Gene Hoerth (I)51347%
Jackson Town Supervisor
>Paul Huettl77438%
>Everett Russell (I)69634%
 Marcy Bishop56128%
Kewaskum Town Supervisor
>Mike Otten24633%
>Scott Wollner24533%
 William Butzlaff17623%
 Glenn Goodearle8511%
Trenton Town Supervisor
>Ed Doerr (I)91743%
>John Norman (I)80338%
 Michael Bykowski40219%
Wayne Town Chairman
>Carl Klemme (I)45963%
 Leander Herriges26937%
West Bend Town Chairman
>Paul Rice (I)1,02665%
 Don Berchem54535%

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

View Election Results Here

Election results for Washington County will be posted here after the polls close.

Check back for more information.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Richfield Village Trustee Candidate Forum - Watch Video

Last night, the Village Trustee Candidate Forum was held at Richfield Elementary School.  Rep. Don Pridemore was the moderator.  You can read about it HERE.

Here is the video of the event:

Richfield 2011 Village Board Forum from Randy Melchert on Vimeo.