Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Conservative Hartford Group Gives Thumbs Down to Upcoming Referendum

West Bend Daily News:

Hartford referendums opposed

Taxpayers’ group reverses course, gives both proposals a thumbs down

    HARTFORD — A conservative watchdog group has changed its position on the two-question, $8.7 million referendum that the Hartford Jt. 1 School District is asking for on Nov. 2.

    Originally, the Hartford Area Taxpayers Association had come out as neutral on question 1, which is for $3.7 million and covers “critical” needs, including a new boiler system at Lincoln Elementary School, and against the second, $5 million question, which addresses “urgent” needs.

    But based on events at the Oct. 18 School District annual budget hearing, HATA has changed its position to oppose both questions.

    “The events at the budget hearing Monday, Oct 18, were shocking and eye-opening,” HATA spokesman Bill Savage said in a statement sent out Monday. “When the teachers’ union turns down a 2.75 percent raise in the worst economy in 70 years, you’ve got to say the teachers’ union is a major obstacle to keeping our schools running. Our K-8 school board and administrator don’t understand that the community cannot afford any more tax increases, the future is uncertain, the state has a $2.7 billion deficit, the school district is ‘five years away from bankruptcy’ according to (District Administrator Mark) Smits, and the school board is adding 4K to our list of responsibilities.” 

Charter School Strongly Supported in West Bend

The following article appeared in the West Bend News and explains the Charter School concept and reasons for  supporting the effort.

Charter school worth exploring in West Bend

    There is a proposal before the West Bend School Board to create a charter school in the district. It’s a proposal worthy of serious consideration.

    Charter schools are not new to Wisconsin. There are over 220 charter schools in the state. Charter schools are simply schools that are chartered – i.e. contracted – by a chartering authority to provide education with taxpayer dollars but are absolved of having to comply to many of the regulations that burden traditional public schools.

    Charter schools also, because they are not shackled by as many stringent state regulations, offer school districts the opportunity to be innovative. Charter schools in Wisconsin specialize in technology, arts, the environment, math, science, at-risk, direct instruction, virtual and any number of other specializations while still offering the core curriculum required for all public school kids. 


And therein lies the beauty of charter schools. They are not mandatory. The district can choose not to renew the charter if they are not meeting expectations. If the educational benefits and financial benefits for Crossroads Academy don’t pan out, then cancel the charter and move on.

    Crossroads Academy seems to offer everything for which the district is striving. Educational flexibility. Relief from state mandates. Freedom from the confines of a unionized work force. Financial security. There are a few more details to gather, but all signs are that the School Board would provide an excellent service to the citizens of the district by exploring this opportunity. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

NEA the BIG Campaign Spenders - The REAL agenda in our school districts

Eagle Forum Legislative Alert:

Who Is the Biggest Campaign Spender?

We are constantly warned to beware of the legislative clout that big business can buy. But when it comes to political campaign money, the biggest spenders are not the oil companies or the banks. The number-one biggest campaign spender in federal and state political campaigns and ballot measures during the 2007-2008 election cycle was the National Education Association, known as the NEA. The NEA spent $56.3 million, far more than any other big-bucks donor.
[according to a comprehensive analysis compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics and the National Institute.] 

The NEA's political contributions go 95% to Democratic candidates or to promote leftist ballot issues.......

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

October Phyllis Schlafly Report Available Online

Click HERE for the October issue of the Phyllis Schlafly Report.