Monday, January 31, 2011

EAGLE FORUM hosting candidate forum for City Mayor/Alderman

Eagle Forum of Wisconsin - Washington County will be hosting a candidate forum on Friday, February 4, at the West Bend City Council Chambers, 1115 S. Main Street.  The moderator will be Randy Melchert, political analyst, grassroots coordinator and new media specialist for conservative organizations. This forum is designed to be an opportunity for candidates to share their views with the West Bend community, and will provide a brief meet and greet time following the forum.

6:30 PM - District 4 Alderman candidates

7:15 PM - Mayoral candidates

According to Washington County Chapter president, Ginny Maziarka, Eagle Forum is offering this event as a community service to the greater Washington County area.  The forum will be aired multiple times on the West Bend Community Cable channel, reaching West Bend on Charter channel 99,  Washington County / Dodge County / Sheboygan on Charter channel 987, throughout Milwaukee on AT&T uVerse channel 99, as well as online for later viewing.

Governor Walker Signs National Marriage Week Proclamation

Via Wisconsin Family Action:

Madison – “We are thrilled to see Wisconsin recognizing the importance of marriage to the men, women and children of our great state,” said Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Council.  “Governor Scott Walker’s National Marriage Week Proclamation is a strong statement about how the governor views marriage and its importance to his overall agenda.”

National Marriage Week USA, which takes place February 7-14, 2011, is part of an international effort that is beginning to gain momentum around the country as more and more people realize how crucial healthy marriages are to society.  Wisconsin joins other states as well as several European Countries and Australia to recognize and promote marriage as a great social and public good for individuals and communities.
Governor Walker’s proclamation states, in part, “…A healthy, loving marriage… provides irreplaceable personal happiness and creates the safest place for children to flourish and to enjoy the full emotional, moral, educational and financial benefits of both parents….”

“As Governor Walker recognizes in his proclamation,” said Appling, “the breakdown of marriage takes a great emotional, physical and financial toll on the well-being of the family.  There’s no denying that family breakdown takes a great toll on the financial well-being of the state, as well.  That Wisconsin’s governor recognizes the foundational role marriages plays in our society and economy gives us great hope for his agenda to rebuild Wisconsin’s economy.”  

To find out more about National Marriage Week visit  Click here to read Governor Scott Walker’s National Marriage Week Proclamation.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Vote at your convenience!

Not sure if you'll be home on February 15 for the spring primary? Afraid you may forget? Going on vacation? Unforeseen emergencies can arise and keep you from casting your important vote. Why take chances?


To download and print your application (simple - takes 2 min. to fill out), click HERE.

You'll receive your ballot in the mail.

COLLEGE STUDENTS ARE ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT! Those students who list their permanent address within the WB School District may vote using absentee balloting.

Here is a list of municipalities in the school district of West Bend with complete contact information:

1) City of West Bend: West Bend City Hall, Attn: City Clerk, 1115 S Main St, West Bend 53095
Hours: M-F 8-4:30, Ph 262-335-5100
2) Town of Jackson: Town Hall, 3146 Division Rd, Jackson 53037
Ph 262-677-4048
3) Village of Jackson: Village Hall, N168W20733 Main St, Jackson 53037
Hours: M-F 8-4:30, or use drop box Ph 262-677-9001
4) Town of Addison: Addison Town Hall, 127 First St, PO Box 481, Allenton 53002
Hours: M 12:30-3, Th 9-11 Ph 262-629-5420
5) Town of Barton: Barton Town Hall, 3482 Town Hall Road, Kewaskum 53040
Ph 262-334-2765
6) Town of Polk: Polk Town Hall, 3680 WI-60, Slinger 53086
Hours: M-Th 7:30-12, Ph 262-677-2123
7) Town of Trenton: Trenton Town Hall, 1071 Hwy 33 East, West Bend
**Mailing address: Town of Trenton, PO Box 259, Newburg 53060
Hours: Fri 9:30-2 Ph 262-675-6009
8 ) Village of Newburg: Newburg Village Hall, 614 Main St, PO Box 50 West Bend 53060
Hours: M-F 9-5, Ph 262-675-2160
9) Town of West Bend: West Bend Town Hall, 6355 CTY Rd Z, West Bend 53095
Hours: M 10-3, W 12-6, Th 10-2 Ph 262-338-3417

Friday, January 21, 2011


The Good News is, the Senate has called a hearing for the Voter ID bill for January 26th at 10 AM, Room 411 So.   in the Capital.   PLEASE plan to attend this hearing. 
 If you can't attend the hearing, submit written testimony BEFORE the public hearing to  and ask that it be part of the official record. 

Now, the bad news.  The Assembly has not done the same thing.  Why isn't this a joint hearing???  Assembly Representative, Gary Tauchen is the Chairman of the Assembly Election Committee and is responsible for scheduling this hearing.  We also need the leadership of Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald on this as well.  Please do the following:

Call Rep. Gary Tauchen, Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald, and your  you own Assembly representativeTODAY, and respectfully request they schedule a joint hearing on the Voter ID Bill for January 26th.  The Senate is moving forward, now it is their turn.  We the People NEED Voter ID NOW, not later.
  We the People NEED a Joint Hearing NOW!
Representative Gary Tauchen
(608) 266-3097   Capitol 13 West

Representative Jeff Fitzgerald
(608) 266-2540   Capitol 211 West

If you don't know your Assembly Rep's contact info, click this link:

Link to the Senate Bill #6 Voter ID bill:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

EF's Schlafly stands firm as White House Stirs Gay Marriage Debate

Vice President Joe Biden predicted Friday that the evolution in thinking that will permit gays to soon serve openly in the military eventually will bring about a national consensus for same-sex marriage.
Biden's comments follow those made this week by President Barack Obama.
"I think the country's evolving," he said on ABC's "Good Morning America." And I think you're going to see, you know, the next effort is probably going to be to deal with so-called DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act). He said he agreed with Obama that his position in gay marriage is "evolving."

Many social conservatives, such as Eagle Forum President Phyllis Schlafly of Ladue, refuse to believe that a majority of Americans would support gay marriage. Obama's shifting position, she said, "is the story of politics: An aggressive well-funded pressure group can achieve goals contrary to what the majority of people want. I think same-sex marriage would be a terrible mistake. I don't think there are any good arguments for it."
Gays, she said, are already free to live together. "Nobody's stopping them from shacking up," she said. "The problem is they are trying to make us respect them, and that's an interference with what we believe."

Monday, January 3, 2011

Taking another look at free trade with China

From Phyllis Schlafly:

The voters who elected the new Congress expect it to cast off unconstitutional and discredited policies such as Keynesian big-spending and judicial grabbing of legislative prerogatives. We also hope Congress will shake itself loose from the dishonest, anti-American trade policies of other countries, especially Communist China.
Although China is called a major trading partner, it treats U.S. companies like suckers, cheating them coming and going. China even intimidates U.S. businessmen so they don't dare to criticize China's unfair trade tactics.
Take, for example, the attitude of CEO Jeffrey R. Immelt of General Electric, the company now laying off hundreds of U.S. workers and giving those jobs making light bulbs to Chinese workers. He won't comment about the current U.S. case in the World Trade Organization accusing China of giving illegal subsidies to Chinese wind turbine makers.

Read more HERE.