Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pro-Lifers: Boycott American Cancer Society

Boycott the
American Cancer Society

Four Main Reasons to Boycott the American Cancer Society:

1) Funds Deadly Embryo Research according to American Life League's website.
2) Lobbied for the the Controversial (Gardasil) HPV Vaccine Mandate for Wisconsin's little 6th grade girls last Session at the State Capitol.
3) The ACS practice of targeting fiscally conservative legislators that aren't willing to fund the agenda of every special interest group in our state out of respect for hard-working taxpayers.
4) Financial conflict of the public interest.

Full Explanation:
1. American Cancer Society Provides Funding for Deadly Embryo Research. American Life League, the 100% No Exceptions, No Compromise national Pro-Life organization, offers excellent information about the American Cancer Society's involvement in embryo research. The material on the ACS's funding of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine is most revealing as is their involvement in the Patients' Coalition for Urgent Research (CURE), and ACS's funding of homosexual and bisexual studies.
The American Life League website also details the positions of other national organizations such as theAmerican Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, the American Red Cross, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, etc.

2. The American Cancer Society Actively Lobbied in Support of the Controversial HPV Vaccine Mandate for Wisconsin’s Little Girls. During the 2007-08 Legislative Session, the American Cancer Society testified in favor of and lobbied for Assembly Bill 492/ Senate Bill 252 - a bill mandating the promotion of controversial cervical cancer vaccines like Gardasil for 6th-grade girls in Wisconsin's public, private, and homeschools.

Numerous Mothers and Grandmothers and advocates for the Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools and the Wisconsin Council of Religious and Independent Schools (all 5 Catholic Dioceses, Missouri Lutheran, Seventh Day Adventists, and Evangelical Lutheran Synods) worked tirelessly for the defeat of this offensive legislation advanced by the well-funded pharmaceutical industry and such financial beneficiaries as Planned Parenthood - the state's largest abortion promoter, provider, and profiteer.

Based on how hard the Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools, Wisconsin Council of Religious and Independent, and various Pro-Family Groups worked to defeat this extreme mandate, it makes NO sense for Christian churches and schools to continue to fund the American Cancer Society's offensive agenda.

If you are unfamiliar with the widely publicized vaccine Gardasil manufactured by Merck, Judicial Watch’s website offers copies of medical reports detailing deaths, cases of paralysis and other injuries from this vaccine that was fast-tracked through the FDA's so-called 'approval process.' (If you will recall, Merck is the manufacturer of Vioxx the drug involved in national class action lawsuits and the payout of millions in damages.) We must not allow pharmaceutical giants to use innocent 11-year-old girls as cash cows to replenish lost profits from their other failed products. (Also find out more about Merck’s failure to pay billions in back taxes-IRS.)

According to the 2009-2010 lobbying reports posted by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, the American Cancer Society is listed again as an organization involved in the promotion of this multi-million dollar scheme against the families of this state.

Excellent Articles (Numerous articles available from a Google Search):

Merck Payola Pays Off: Texas Governor Orders STD Vaccine for ALL Girls –

Mom Says HPV Vaccine Causes Paralysis in 12-Year Old Daughter

Support for HPV Vaccine Gardasil Helps Planned Parenthood Says LDI

3. Targeting Fiscal Conservatives. Few Wisconsin taxpayers realize that $36 Million was spent by the vast spectrum of lobbying groups last year at our State Capitol. One primary function of lobbyists is to launch campaigns to separate dollars from taxpayers to fund their agendas. If you wonder why Wisconsin has an enormous budget deficit, just look to Wisconsin's overbearing lobbying corps for your answers. If your legislators spend more time with lobbying rather than with you and the folks paying the bills, that needs to change on November 2. If you have a legislator that respects the limits on your wallet, take a moment to thank them and encourage them to hold the line on all of Wisconsin's run-away spending.

Blogger Owen Robinson discussed the politics of theAmerican Cancer Society, the American Lung Association, and the American Heart Association, and their agenda for Wisconsin's taxpayers stating, "The American Cancer Society, American Lung Association and the American Heart Association funded a mailer that was sent into certain Republican Assembly districts in Wisconsin attacking the incumbent Republican. Why? Because those Republicans voted for a budget that did not triple the spending on government anti-smoking campaigns from $10 million to $30 million and for refusing to jack up the taxes on cigarettes by $1.25 per pack."

4. $$ Conflicts of Interest. The Cancer Prevention Coalition (good guys) offers very compelling data in theirarticle "American Cancer Society: The World's Wealthiest 'Nonprofit' Institution" by Samuel S. Epstein, MD. Dr. Epstein's article details the inner workings of the ACS from the generous salaries and pensions they offer their employees and executives, their excessive overhead, and the Hollywood-style manner in which they select their Board of Directors, etc. Epstein states:

· "…for every $1 spent on direct service, approximately $6.40 is spent on compensation and overhead."

· "In 1992, The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported that the ACS was 'more interested in accumulating wealth than in saving lives.'"

· "Nationally, only 16% or less of all money raised is spent on direct services to cancer victims."

· "The current budget of ACS is $380 Million and its cash reserves approach $1 Billion."

· "Fund-raising appeals routinely stated that the ACS needed more funds to support its cancer programs, all the while holding more than $750 Million in cash and real estate assets."

In the article, "Is the American Cancer Society More Interested in Cancer Profit than Cancer

Prevention?" found on the Organic Consumers Association website, you will learn about the emphasis ACS places on treatment and screening rather than on prevention. This multi-Billion dollar approach serves the interests of their key allies very well.

5. The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link. Again, in the interest of brevity, we encourage you to research numerous on-line articles about the Abortion Breast Cancer link. One interesting website you may wish to review is the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer. One insider's perspective can be gleaned from an interesting little piece titled, "Women Leafleting Cancer Walks Ask 'Why Aren't Women Being Told About the ABC Link?"' Numerous studies show there is a heightened correlation between abortion and breast cancer.


If You Volunteer or Donate to

the American Cancer Society,

Please Stop Immediately

1. If your Church or Christian School participates in the annual Relay for Life or other fundraisers, urge them to Stop their participation immediately, and most importantly, their dollars $$$$.

2. If you have already donated, ask that Your dollars be returned IN FULL Immediately. If you have any problems getting a refund, file a complaint with the Wis. Dept. of Consumer Protection by calling 1-800-422-7128.

3. Educate Others - Write letters to the editor of newspapers around the state exposing the above information and the ACS, blog, pass out the attached handill at your church, school, etc.

4. Let Your State Legislators know that you Do Not support the controversial agenda of the American Cancer Society.