Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grothman asks MATC Board to rescind Arizona boycott

Grothman to MATC Board: Time to Rescind Arizona Boycott Resolution

Milwaukee Tech College’s Intolerance Embarrasses Wisconsin

Senator Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) called on the Milwaukee Area Technical College Board (MATC) to rescind their 6-1 decision to boycott Arizona-based companies and conferences held in Arizona because of that state’s actions to curb its problem with illegal immigration.

“The MATC Board apparently views their new mission as punishing municipalities who do not hold their political views,” said Grothman. “I believe their action would be unconstitutional under the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. If every political subdivision were like the MATC Board, we would be back to the days of the Articles of Confederation in which states fought amongst each other. It is particularly embarrassing that an educational institution would take the lead in dividing our country based on political belief.”*

To prevent the continuance of this irrational and intolerant behavior, Grothman called for the following actions:
    1. Ask the Milwaukee area school board presidents who appointed the six** radicals to the MATC Board to pass their own resolution condemning the Board and see if they can remove them from the Board.
    2. Introduce a letter for state legislators to sign expressing their desire to have the MATC rescind their resolution and apologize to the State of Arizona for their display of intolerance.
    3. Introduce legislation next January barring political subdivisions from discriminating against American businesses based on location.
    4. Coordinate an on-line petition at for citizens to sign to be forwarded to the Arizona Legislature apologizing for the embarrassing and reckless actions of MATC.
    5. Investigate legislation to allow school districts in Ozaukee and Washington counties to be moved to the Moraine Park Technical District if feasible. The more tolerant members of Ozaukee and Washington Counties should not have to be part of a technical college board that is using their tax dollars to punish states with which they disagree.
    6. One of the six radicals was Nicolet School Administrator Richard Monroe. What are the children in the Nicolet School District learning in their civics classes? Our country will not survive if the next generation refuses to do business with other states who disagree with them. The Nicolet School Board should take some action to force Richard Monroe to change his vote.

“It is time for all Wisconsin citizens to pay more attention to what goes on in our schools and universities. One of the reasons our country is in the current situation is that our educational system has become a vehicle for pushing the agenda of an intolerant and totalitarian hard left Anti-American agenda,” said Grothman. “We have to remember that the MATC Board was picked by Milwaukee area school board presidents, and in addition to Mr. Monroe, Lauren Baker, an important employee of Milwaukee Public Schools sits on the MATC Board. All citizens and legislators concerned about the fabric of our country should weigh in strongly to stop these excesses now.”


* “I move in very conservative circles and have never heard anybody suggest not doing business with companies in states and cities with so-called sanctuary-city laws, same-sex marriage statutes, euthanasia laws, etc. – this tactic is purely a tool of the totalitarian left,” said Grothman.

** The six radicals on the MATC Board are: Lauren Baker, Richard Monroe, Fred Royal Jr., Peter Earle, Bobbie Webber, and Ann Wilson.