Friday, January 22, 2010

The National Popular Vote Bill was circulated for co-sponsorship today.

This is a direct attack on our U.S. Constitution. Long story short it would change the way we elect our President. It would create a situation in which a President could be elected with only 20% of the voting population instead of the current 51% of the electoral college. If there are 20 candidates running for president the winner would only need a majority (which could be 20% or less depending on how the votes are split up) in order to win. The candidates would only need to focus on the high populous areas in order to win, creating a VERY slanted playing field. How would you like CA, FL and NY being the biggest players in deciding who our President would be? For more information and talking points, click here.

Contact your WI State Legislators immediately and tell them NOT to support the National Popular Vote Bill.