Tuesday, October 20, 2009

URGENT! Pro-Life State Workers - FRIDAY DEADLINE!

ARE YOU a PRO-LIFE state worker?

YOU HAVE UNTIL FRIDAY to switch your health insurance plans and send a message that you will not support the Meriter Hospital and the UW's late-term abortion/dissection plan.

October 5-23 is Open Enrollment for 1,000s of state employees. This is the time of year when workers can select their health insurance plan.

Please Boycott these plans:
A) Unity Community
B) Unity UW Health
C) Physicians Plus

Premiums Unity Community Unity-UW Health

Single Plan $626.40/month $576.10/month

Family Plan $1,562.30/month $1,436.50/month

Single $7,516.80/year $6,913.20/year

Family $18,747.60/year $17,238.00/year

Lost Revenue from Pro-Life Boycott

Unity Community Unity-UW Health

100 Single Plans $ 751,680 per year $ 691,320 per year

5 Families $ 93,738 per year $ 86,190 per year

100 Families $1,874,760 per year $1,723,800 per year

The little babies being targeted by the UW's late-term abortion/dissection plan need your urgent help.

Boycott Pro-Abortion Health Insurance Plans.

The time for Wisconsin's Pro-Life movement to unite behind a UW boycott is NOW.

Folks should consider making the switch to life-affirming plans for themselves and their families.

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