Friday, January 13, 2012


SUPREME COURT ISSUES UNANIMOUS DECISION FAVORING RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. Chief Justice Roberts wrote the unanimous decision stating: the "authority to select and control who will minister to the faithful is the church's alone." If an antidiscrimination lawsuit attempts to interfere with such matters, the First Amendment does not permit it to proceed.", 1-11-12.
WHEN WILL A NOMINEE BE CHOSEN? Not until April, according to some estimates. The new RNC rules allow for 2,286 delegates to be sent to the Republican National Convention; therefore, it will take 1,143 delegate votes to win the nomination. Several states were penalized half their delegates for holding their primaries too early: NH, SC, FL, MI and AZ. Until April, there will not be enough delegate votes to nominate a candidate. States awarding delegates proportionally will likely split delegates making it even less likely that any candidate can lock up the nomination earlier, as long as two or more remain in the race.
PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY'S IMPACT ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES; FORMER FEMINIST COLLEGE STUDENT WRITES A BOOK OPPOSING DAYCARE 20 YEARS LATER. "Around 1992," wrote May Saubier to Phyllis, "you came to Skidmore College to debate a former President of NOW.  I cannot remember this other woman's name, but I do remember yours.  I was knee deep in women's studies classes at the time and my friends and I could not wait to 'burn you at the stake.'  We did not consider your opinions might be worthwhile, so brainwashed were we into believing the feminist ideals we had been taught.  I recall a great deal of screaming, yelling and booing each time you spoke.  You remained poised through it all.  At the end of the debate, I got on a long line to shake the other woman's hand.  How I wish I had, instead, gotten on your line to shake yours. Your example will serve me well as I work to promote my recently self-published book, Doing Time: What It Really Means To Grow Up In Daycare. Please accept my apologies and keep up the good work," written with sincerity by May Saubier.