Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gay Club Denied School-Sponsored Status - Sues District

This week the West Bend School District board members voted to deny school-sponsored club status to the Gay/Straight Alliance, a militant, political homosexual club.

Just before the vote, Board member Randy Marquardt made it clear that he did not appreciate being told by the GSA attorneys that the board must approve this club or risk a lawsuit. He did not feel they were in violation of any statutes or laws. Marquardt further stated that curricular and policy ties claimed by the GSA's application were a stretch to make them fit the GSA, and he did not agree that the GSA fit the policy for a co-curricular. With that said, the three conservative board members denied the application from the GSA to obtain school sponsorship.

Much appreciation to Randy Marquardt, Tim Stepanski and Dave Weigand who stood firm in their representation of our conservative school district.  The fourth conservative school board member, Bart Williams, was out of town on business, but has stated he stands in agreement with this decision.

Local attorneys, Waring Fincke and Dan Patrykus, have filed a federal lawsuit against the West Bend School District claiming discrimination.

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