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April 8, 2011
EAGLE FORUM COLLEGIANS SUMMIT DATE CHANGE! NEW DATE: JUNE 2 & 3. Great news for conservative college students!! The wait for the nation's best conservative student conference just got shorter! Please note that Eagle Forum Collegians, originally scheduled for July 21st & 22nd, will now be held June 2nd & 3rd, 2011. Time is short, so make sure you get the word out about this conference! Register here.
CAROLEE ADAMS FEATURED AT MIDDLESEX COUNTY REPUBLICAN WOMEN'S CLUB. President of NJ Eagle Forum Carolee Adams is a successful grassroots activist and popular TEA Party speaker who discussed the topic The Most Powerful Office in the World is NOT the President of the United States. When Carolee walked in the door, one attendee exclaimed that the brochure The Most Powerful Office: "changed my life!" (Both she and her husband are now County Committee members.) At the meeting, Carolee recruited one of the leaders of the Young Republicans in New Jersey to take Eagle Forum Collegians brochures to their upcoming, 3-day, statewide convention. She gave a copy of The Flipside of Feminism to an attendee who will discuss the book at her next book club meeting. The final prize Carolee gave out was the DVD, Doing the Impossible, which was awarded to a woman who promised to run for County Committee or seek an appointment to an open seat.

FRONT PAGE, WEST BEND DAILY NEWS: CANDIDATE FORUM SPONSORED BY EAGLE FORUM OF WISCONSIN - WASHINGTON COUNTY. A great way for Eagle Forum Chapters to engage the public is by sponsoring candidate forums. About 125 area residents attended a forum organized by Ginny Maziarka in the gym at Richfield Elementary School to hear candidates for the Richfield Trustee Board. The forum is viewable at

PRO-LIFE VICTORY IN IL; DOCTORS' FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE IS PROTECTED BY U.S. CONSTITUTION. Eagle Forum endorsed Ed Martin for his congressional run in 2010, but long before that, nearly six years ago, he joined with fellow pro-lifers Luke Vander Bleek and Glenn Kosirog in their fight against the Planned Parenthood-managed Blagojevich administration effort to force citizens to act against their conscience and join in the abortion industry. Ed Martin served as lead attorney. "No matter how often Planned Parenthood and its bullies try to take away the rights of pro-lifers, we will fight back and we will win. Our Constitution protects individuals' rights from the growing and oppressive hand of government in our lives especially when government goes too far as today's court found Blagojevich did," said Ed Martin in response to the ruling in Illinois Circuit Court striking down a Rod Blagojevich-era law that hoped to force pro-life medical professionals to leave the profession unless they acted in accordance with Planned Parenthood drafted rules. Click here to read the court's decision.

VICTORY FOR SCHOOL CHOICE: SUPREME COURT REJECTS LAWSUIT CHALLENGING ARIZONA SCHOOL CHOICE STATUE. The U.S. Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Arizona statute that provides state residents with tax credits for contributions they make to school tuition organizations. The 5-4 decision provides a road for other states to enact similar legislation. The court ruled that the program's challengers lacked a basis to sue because the program does not take money from taxpayers for government expenditures. Private citizens are free to support any organization they choose, including school tuition organizations. Any injury that the challengers may suffer is not the result of action by the government. 4-11-11,

Colorado Eagle Forum leaders Jayne Schindler and Rosina Kovar were major players in the defeat of Civil Unions in Colorado's Statehouse again this year. Senate Bill 172 passed the Senate, but was narrowly defeated on a party-line vote in a House committee of 6 to 5. Both Jayne and Rosina gave testimony at the Senate and House hearings. Jayne testified on how the passage of Civil Unions would bully parents with the law if they objected to school Sex-Ed classes differentiating between heterosexual and homosexual sex acts. Rosina's testimony received many jeers and laughter as she explained God's design for sexuality and the inability of homosexual relationships to reproduce. The bill's main Senate sponsor, who is openly gay, had his domestic partner testify that Civil Unions would help them in their plight to adopt a child. "Fortunately," reports Jayne, "the emotional rancor from the numerous supporters of the bill left the Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee unmoved when they voted to retain the Colorado Constitutional Amendment from 2006 defining marriage as between one man and one woman, which was determined by a vote of the people!"

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by F.R. Duplantier 
"We are in your schools now and polluting
All the innocent minds we're rebooting:
There'll be total immersion
In every perversion
And the schools will be safe for recruiting."