Friday, January 21, 2011


The Good News is, the Senate has called a hearing for the Voter ID bill for January 26th at 10 AM, Room 411 So.   in the Capital.   PLEASE plan to attend this hearing. 
 If you can't attend the hearing, submit written testimony BEFORE the public hearing to  and ask that it be part of the official record. 

Now, the bad news.  The Assembly has not done the same thing.  Why isn't this a joint hearing???  Assembly Representative, Gary Tauchen is the Chairman of the Assembly Election Committee and is responsible for scheduling this hearing.  We also need the leadership of Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald on this as well.  Please do the following:

Call Rep. Gary Tauchen, Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald, and your  you own Assembly representativeTODAY, and respectfully request they schedule a joint hearing on the Voter ID Bill for January 26th.  The Senate is moving forward, now it is their turn.  We the People NEED Voter ID NOW, not later.
  We the People NEED a Joint Hearing NOW!
Representative Gary Tauchen
(608) 266-3097   Capitol 13 West

Representative Jeff Fitzgerald
(608) 266-2540   Capitol 211 West

If you don't know your Assembly Rep's contact info, click this link:

Link to the Senate Bill #6 Voter ID bill: