Friday, December 18, 2009

One email/one call - ask your Sen/Rep to sign this letter

"Senator Grothman (R-West Bend) is circulating a letter for legislators to sign onto asking the Medical Society and the Medical Examining Board to investigate Abortionist Prohaska with regard to comments he made on a video circulating on the internet involving his activities at Planned Parenthood’s Appleton abortion facility. On the video, the Planned Parenthood counselor is heard telling a woman that a child’s heartbeat does not begin until 17 or 18 weeks and something called “heart tones” begin at 7 weeks. Scientifically, a child’s heartbeat starts at three weeks and one day after conception. Dr. Prohaska, tells the woman, "you don't want to wait" to get an abortion, that an abortion is “very, very safe . . . much safer than having a baby” and warns her, "women die having babies." Prohaska is clearly choosing his words carefully to encourage a young woman to have an abortion.

“It seems to me that in order to keep the high reputation of Wisconsin’s medical profession, we cannot have doctors distorting medical truths in order to increase their incomes,” said Grothman. “It is important that both the State Medical Society and the Medical Examining Board investigate whether Dr. Prohaska should be allowed to continue to perform abortions in the state of Wisconsin.”

In the interest of public safety and women’s health, it is shocking that Planned Parenthood has not dismissed Dr. Prohaska on its own. The State of Wisconsin gives Planned Parenthood approximately $6 Million taxpayer dollars per year through the Family Planning Waiver program alone. This is in addition to approximately $12 Million in tax dollars through Title V, X and XIX funding that Planned Parenthood receives. The idea that an organization that receives Millions of tax dollars would mislead a young woman, in order to get another $300-$400 for an abortion is appalling.

I would hope to hear from both the State Medical Society and the Medical Examining Board as to whether or not they feel this behavior is appropriate and this level of misinformation is in the public’s best interest."


Dear Colleagues:

As you may be aware, there has been an outrage around the state due to a video released by Live Action which exposes information about how abortion clinics really treat women. They recently taped Dr. Prohaska in the Appleton Planned Parenthood clinic clearly encouraging the woman to have an abortion and his staff misleading a woman as to when the baby’s heart starts beating. It seems to me that the State Medical Society should not want the medical profession tarnished by such behavior and the Medical Examining Board should not want a doctor licensed who engaged in such behavior. I am, therefore, forwarding a letter to both groups to look into Dr. Prohaska’s behavior on the video and to report back to us as legislators. If you haven’t seen the video, you can find it at:

If you would like to join me in signing on to the letter, please contact my office by Noon on Wednesday, December 23rd.


Glenn Grothman


Contact Information for Legislators can be accessed by clicking here: